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July 31, 2008: Claustral
Wow, I can't believe this site has been up for over a year now! Time flies, and yet I do so little...
Anyway, the news today is about a new map added to the Maps section. Made over a year ago, during the start of the 1024 size limitation fad, Claustral is a 1024 map that I had deleted and forgotten until just recently. Turns out my friend & playtester hung onto it all this time.

Febuary 27, 2008 : 4 Hour level
A small map, called 4 Hour, is now available in the maps section of the site. Have a go!

January 9, 2008 : In Progress Section
The In Progress section of this site, which I've been neglecting to do since July, is finally in working order. It catalogues a few of the unfinished Doom project I have floating around. Go there to see screenshots of my most recent work, as well as one age-old fossil map that I might never get finished!

July 3rd, 2007: Site is Live!
Welcome to the new online home of my Doom stuff. Sucks had to go, I enjoyed the time I spent there and will always remember it as the place where I grew into a Doom mapper. But new beginnings await!
You can download my released wads in the maps section or take a peek at what I've been tinkering with lately in the in progress section.

About Ibixian Blood
This site is owned and opperated by myself, Kyle Casteel. Here you can find my wads and mods for Doom 2, and possibly some other things of interest. For those wondering, an Ibixian is a goat-like humanoid creature from Dungeons and Dragons lore, but I also think of the goat demons from Doom (such as the hellknights and barons, as well as the plethora as user-made monsters based on them) as Ibixians. Hence the Name. This site is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox at screen resolutions of at least 1024x768. I realize it looks a little silly on widescreen, but too bad.

Big thanks to DooMAD
This site exists because DooMAD is awesome and hosts it. Hails to him and to Team Hell Spawn!