WhackEd4 is designed as a replacement for the old Dehacked DOS utility. It can read and modify any Doom Dehacked patches for versions 1.9 and up, and expands on Dehacked's feature list with the following:

  • A configurable workspace with separate editor windows.
  • Sprite previews from a loaded IWAD and PWADs.
  • Full support for Boom's extensions such as codepointer and thing flag mnemonics.
  • State animation preview with sound playback (where possible).
  • Editing multiple states at the same time.
  • Filtering the displayed list of states by thing states, weapon states or unused states.
  • Does not require a Doom executable, but reads engine data from table files.
  • State highlighting based on sprite index.
  • Separate undo actions for every editor window.
  • Copy and pasting things and states.
  • Support for DeHackEd features of Doom 1.9, The Ultimate Doom 1.9, Boom, Marine's Best Friend, Doom Retro and ZDaemon.
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Version 1.2.4

Version 1.2.3

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Version 0.9.1 beta

Version 0.9.0 beta

Version 0.5.0 alpha

Source code

The source code for WhackEd4 is available under a BSD 2-clause license, and can be viewed or forked on GitHub. Any contributions are more than welcome, provided they retain the coding style used in other WhackEd4 code, and are actual useful features for WhackEd4 to have.

View WhackEd4's source code on GitHub


Found a bug or have an idea for WhackEd4? Place an issue on WhackEd4's GitHub issues page! I can also be reached through the Doomworld forums.