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Last updated on April, 20th, 2006.
No poll being held!.

    Welcome to Against The Clock!!!.

    Welcome to the new Against The Clock site, I hope you like the new Layout. 

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    This page is still in development so if you find any broken link, weird thing or something that seems to be wrong just drop me a line!. Feedback is also appreciated :).

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About "Against The Clock".



About the Author.

    About "Against The Clock".

    "Against the Clock" is a Doom 2 mod for the "Doom Legacy" port. It´s concept is quite simple: imagine your standard Doom level and add some  and plataform sections. Then add some little puzzles and challenges here and there... Finally, add a time limit to complete the level and also add ways to increase that remaining time. Now you´re done with what "Against The Clock" is about.

    Of course, is not as simple as that. The places where you will play are inmersive, misterious, breathing with their own story. "Against The Clock" is not only about beating a level after another, is also about witnessing different environments in a crazy race against time.

    My main aim for it is to be comprised of several "Worlds". A world would be a unit, an environment, a place developed through four or five levels in recurrent themes... But for now I will be happy to make the first world and release it to the public since I don´t feel like doing a whole set of worlds now.

    As for I can tell right now, "Against the Clock" may be ready before Legacy v2.0 is but since some current ideas need of some features of Legacy v2.0 any release could be considered as a "Non-fully functional Beta". Even at the time of writing, some details included in the maps need of these features to work so they wouldn´t work at all if you played it now.

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    In this section you will find all news regarding "Against The Clock"... Also, you can find regular information under the "Progress" link at the navigation bar.

   The news shown here are only the newest on the site. If you want to surf around the older news you can check the "Archived news" section where old news are moved and set in chronological order. Doesn´t this make the site look a lot more tidy up?.

March, 6th, 2006: And there´s even more.

    And do you think I would never ever update again?. Well, that´s close but I can´t let this site go like that so here´s another couple of news... Yes, there are news regarding "Against The Clock". It won´t appear in the reports section but the maps on the mod have been tweaked again and some scripts have been optimized again so it works a little better now. Also, the main layout for the secret map is ready in the level editor but I think I will halt all progress on the mod until Legacy v2.0 is out... You may wonder, why?. Well, it´s sort of tiring to work only in one project during a lot of time and certainly, I need a rest on this mod. In the meantime, I´m working on some other Legacy stuff that will have its place in this very same site so yes, this site will soon become home of more stuff so I shall do some remodelling to it!!!. Oh, by the way, I´ll take the poll out in the next news item I post ;).

December, 19th, 2005: Back to life!!!.

    It´s been almost a month since no work has been done in the mod and no updates have been done to the site but now I´m back again!!!!. You may be wondering about two things: "Why is the poll still up?" and "What´s being done?". To ask your first question, the poll is up since we have two options with the same result (go and vote now :P!). To ask the second, just go into the "Daily reports" and read, as always :).

November, 21th, 2005:

    Due to real life duties and works on other projects (like the NewDoom Community Project insertion map I´m doing), Against the Clock will be set on a temporary but complete hold. Thus, no updates to the site will be done and no work on the maps will be taken until I have time for it. Thanks for your patience :).

November, 4th, 2005:

    The project is still in a hold so there are no actual news on it: no new levels have been outlined or thought about, no features added, no scripts optimized... The only thing I´ve been doing lately on this can be read on the "Daily report" section and deals with detailing maps.

October, 21th, 2005:

    You won´t notice at first sight but there are two new things added to the site: first of them is an "Archived news" page directly accessible from the "News" section. Second there is the "Participation" section on this very same page (check the links above or scroll down below) where you can submit your opinions on polls. Speaking of with, a first poll has been added so check it out and speak your mind :). Finally there are the usual updates in the "Progress" sections and a new screenshot on the "Media" part.

October, 14th, 2005:

    Again good news: World 1-5 is about to be completed (it´s functional right now) and that means the body of World 1 is almost complete (only bonus stuff to do) as far as mapping goes!!!. Take a look at the "Daily report" section if you want to find out more about the progress done. Other news point to me taking a rest from this when I finish working on this map so I can put "Against the Clock" in a small hold and take my time with other issues such as updating my old website, mapping for the "Blood" project and things like that.

October, 3rd, 2005:

    We have good news for all readers!!!. Surely better news will be coming in the future, but for now I have something ready that was about time to be shown: screenshots!!!. Check them in the "Media" section and don´t forget to tell me what you think about them :). Other updates from the last news report cover, as always, the "Progress" section with both the project status and daily reports. 

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    This is the part on the site where you get to say what you think about the project. Polls will be held at the top of the site when I feel your feedback is really important on matters related to the mod and the site so don´t forget to drop around frequently!.

    Right now there´s one poll being hosted "There should be an "Against the Clock" World 1 teaser"?. There´s still a lot of time until Legacy v2.0 is out but, would you like to try the experience before?. Just leave your opinion here and know the results when the voting period is over.

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    About the author. 
    If you want to know more about me you could either mail me or visit my site.

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